The Leading Online in Riau - Most Popular Indonesian News - Trusted News in Indonesia

The Leading Online in Riau - Most Popular Indonesian News - Trusted News in Indonesia

Popular News - Did you know that in 2023 the news that often attracts attention in Riau Indonesia is, why is that?

First - the media launched on November 11, 2011, actively fighting to save the environment, "undoubtedly many destroyers and their cronies are injured".

Second - after the KabarRiau online media was broadcast, dozens of people wanted to join as journalists because news with the slogan of saving the environment did not hesitate to report corruption cases in Indonesia.

Third - after being popular among government officials especially in Riau, this media is offered cooperation with corporate and government parties.

Fourth - this media always maintains its independence and adheres to the journalistic code of ethics according to the Press Law.

Fifth - the fastest and most advanced newsletter reporting any case without burden or not entering the realm of certain interests. "we hate the judicial mafia and the land mafia"

Sixth - for Newspaper viewers abroad, this media reports intelligently and fairly, of course in Indonesian, which domestic readers understand.

Our message to all people or people who damage the country and nature "don't be offended if we report this". We accept criticism and suggestions on the phone +62822-8546-1838.

About Us ; is a technology media founded on November 11, 2011, with the theme 11/11/11.

Most online media is built as part of a media development company, or built by media people. As an online media, which originally consisted of a team (Basarudin, Nasruddin and Fauzi Ajis) had the idea to establish this online media with the aim of delivering news coverage in favor of the community.

Departing from the experience that started with, tries to become an organization that focuses on providing services on the internet that can be enjoyed by the public and then we join forces with journalists. It was the synergy between technologists and journalists that led to the birth of

Initially published with very limited content according to media headlines presenting various events in Riau. The first office with a company called PT. Riau Cyber Media Jalan Lintas Timur No 187, Pangkalan Kerinci, Pelalawan has a long history of this media. In 2015, this online media then developed and reproduced the content into many pages as you can see now.

We are not the first, but we have a new dream, which is to be free to be creative: How to deliver real and fun information. On the world wide web (www), there is a need for information that must be correct, presented quickly, quickly accessible, accurate and responsible. is a www organization, which is an organization that lives on the internet -- people live, work, can be googled, and chatted with on the internet -- and even support their families from the internet. The internet is alive, growing, and inspiring, which is a part of and contributes to, especially for the Indonesian internet.

The color on the logo is the color of freedom in conveying information, not tied to certain beliefs or interests. and the determination to always be on the right track. The goal is to be a medium accessible to everyone through technology, without borders or restrictions.**

"sorry your english is bad"