Sumatran Elephants at PLG Riau Location Threatened by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia's Exploration Waste

Sumatran Elephants at PLG Riau Location Threatened by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Indonesia - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) some time ago had descended to Bengkalis, Riau, to plant mangrove trees with the community and inspect the abrasion-affected points at Raja Kecik Tourism Beach.

Then the Indonesian Jungle Child Environment Foundation (ARIMBI) team went to the Minas Elephant Training (PLG) location to see the condition of the Sumatran Elephant's home range which was contaminated with Oil Contaminated Soil (TTM) left over from the exploration of PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI).

"It means that Jokowi is in Riau, we hope that he will review the location and see the condition of the elephants there (PLG)," said ARIMBI Tribal Chief, Mattheus.

The location of the 14 Sumatran elephants was found to be surrounded by waste oil from PT CPI's drilling, "about 1 meter deep in the soil, there is a lot of waste that threatens the survival of the elephants," said Mattheus.

Based on observations from the Minas PLG, ARIMBI published a video on the ARIMBI Foundation's YouTube channel and the following was the request for the removal of the Minister of Environment and Forestry because he was deemed unable to handle Chevron's B3 waste.

"Please Mr. Jokowi, the people of Riau have the right to live a healthy life, that is regulated by law," said Mattheus.

Mattheus said again, if in Jakarta people drink bottled water that is healthy and sterile, "we in Riau drink the residue from PT Chevron's waste," he quipped.

"Has the President revoked the right to a healthy life for the people of Riau. Please, Mr. Jokowi. If Mrs. Siti Nurbaya Bakar can't afford it, please remove her," he said.**